Hair Appointment Needs.......

I have heard from the receptionists that a lot of you that wanted to get in for an appointment before I left on maternity and are trying to get one now with out any luck, are wondering what to do.......
If you have liked my new home at Mezzanine Salon, I have sat down with both of the owners Jonny and Stephanie, they are going to step in and take care of all you beauties :)  They have all of my color formulas to keep your color right on track, unless you need a change up :)  Of course they are amazing stylists and have been doing hair for a long time , they will do a great job in my absence. I am sorry to those of you that I will not be able to accommodate but I will see you in the fall. We will have plenty to catch up on.  Enjoy the summer :)

Lots of Love

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