Where does time go........

I can't believe that almost a whole month has passed by already! You know what they say.....time flys when your having fun!
Love, love, love my new color line and getting a lot more comfortable using Shu Uemura and Bumble and Bumble (new styling products). I have to say that I am humbled by all of my wonderful clients that have taken the time to track me down. I know that salons don't make it easy to follow your stylist in this industry :) and a no one really knows my last name, so I know that you all have put your Nancy Drew caps on. Actions defenatly speak louder than words, so thank you for your continued support.
On a funny note, my ever expanding baby bump could become a problem at the shampoo bowl eventually.......stay tuned :)



Week One......CHECK!

Well I made it though my first week!  In the same breath.....I cant believe a week has gone by already! 
I am absolutely loving my new Schwarzkopf color line.  After using Aveda my whole career, not to mention educating for them, I am truly shocked at how much I am not missing it!  Weird, right?!  Over the years I found Aveda to be gentle, yes but predictable and consistent, no.  Being that it was derived from plants and such the pigments were constantly changing, making your results hit and miss.  Which can be a bit frustrating at times. With Schwarzkopf color I have consistency! Hallelujah! Not to mention that it is way easier to mix, the consistency is amazing (no need for thickener during foils) and the smell isn't as chemical (which is great for my current sensitive nose-lol). 
I am having a blast expanding my horizon in the product department!  Shu Uemura is incredible!!!!! Its a luxury imported line from Japan and is extremely exclusive.  There are only a couple of salons here in MN who carry it and Mezzanine is one of them.  It is a higher price point than most, but worth every penny.  My favorite product from that line would hands down be the Essence Absolue, which is a nourishing protective oil. Great for all of our dried out MN hair!  Bumble and Bumble is super fun, easy to use and great smelling. My favorite products from them so far is the Tonic Spray, Thickening Spray, Grooming Cream and the Sumotech (for men)......still getting acquainted with everything, but its getting easier!
I made some serious strides this evening on the business side of things, thanks to my father-in-law Rick.  He had prepared some record keeping spread sheets for me to keep book on everything! Man talk about someone who thinks of everything.  It was laid out so well!   I didn't break a sweat,drop a tear or pull my hair out (thank god! Could be hard to explain that to clients)!
Now......time to relax and catch some Z's or count lambs, that's to be determined.


Off without a hitch.....

Wow! What an amazing first day!! I am still floating, tired but floating. Today was so fun and I remembered why I do what I do. My first offcial color went great. The color turned out beautiful, hope you are loving it Lizzy :) I also had 6 haircuts today, amazing for a first day. Thank you to all of my supporters for sticking with me and allowing me to do what I do! I know that you all have a choice of where you can go and who you can see and it is truly humbling to know that you choose me! I am realizing that in this crazy business world you figure out awfully fast who's got your back and who doesn't. I also have found it interesting that after putting in the time, a lot of time, someones true colors show when you are no longer benefitting them. I guess money does talk and I'm not a dollar sign.
Kind of a funny side note from today. Didn't order myself a tech tray.....uh duh Amy, where are you going to work off of. I blame it on my pregnancy brain! Can't wait for what tomorrow will bring.

P.s. Thank you to Lacey and my mother Francie for the very beautiful and thoughtful flowers today! I felt so special! Love you both :)

It's finally here!!!

I have been waiting for this day for a while! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.......
I will let you all know how the first day went later, wish me luck!.......


The new product lines I will be using

Here is a link to the 2 new product lines I will be using......just thought you might like to do a little research yourself. 
The first, I am really excited about, is the She Uemura line.  I have heard amazing things about it.  Even my mothers husbands sister in New York knew of it. She owns a shop called Parlor in Manhattan NYC, a friend of hers is a salon owner and that's all he uses and loves it.    http://www.shuuemuraartofhair-usa.com/home/index_flash.aspx

The second, which I know a lot of you have heard of and maybe used yourself is Bumble and Bumble. Check them out too. Great product, fun packaging. http://www.bumbleandbumble.com/

Only a few days away from the start of an amazing journey.....A new year fill with limitless possibilities :)
Cheers, Happy New Year!

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