Off without a hitch.....

Wow! What an amazing first day!! I am still floating, tired but floating. Today was so fun and I remembered why I do what I do. My first offcial color went great. The color turned out beautiful, hope you are loving it Lizzy :) I also had 6 haircuts today, amazing for a first day. Thank you to all of my supporters for sticking with me and allowing me to do what I do! I know that you all have a choice of where you can go and who you can see and it is truly humbling to know that you choose me! I am realizing that in this crazy business world you figure out awfully fast who's got your back and who doesn't. I also have found it interesting that after putting in the time, a lot of time, someones true colors show when you are no longer benefitting them. I guess money does talk and I'm not a dollar sign.
Kind of a funny side note from today. Didn't order myself a tech tray.....uh duh Amy, where are you going to work off of. I blame it on my pregnancy brain! Can't wait for what tomorrow will bring.

P.s. Thank you to Lacey and my mother Francie for the very beautiful and thoughtful flowers today! I felt so special! Love you both :)


  1. Liz's hair and color looks GREAT. What a job.

  2. Thanks for the rockin' new lid. I was in DIRE need! :) And Miss A? You are SO WORTH the trek honey! Congrats on the bean! :) Can't wait.


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