Week One......CHECK!

Well I made it though my first week!  In the same breath.....I cant believe a week has gone by already! 
I am absolutely loving my new Schwarzkopf color line.  After using Aveda my whole career, not to mention educating for them, I am truly shocked at how much I am not missing it!  Weird, right?!  Over the years I found Aveda to be gentle, yes but predictable and consistent, no.  Being that it was derived from plants and such the pigments were constantly changing, making your results hit and miss.  Which can be a bit frustrating at times. With Schwarzkopf color I have consistency! Hallelujah! Not to mention that it is way easier to mix, the consistency is amazing (no need for thickener during foils) and the smell isn't as chemical (which is great for my current sensitive nose-lol). 
I am having a blast expanding my horizon in the product department!  Shu Uemura is incredible!!!!! Its a luxury imported line from Japan and is extremely exclusive.  There are only a couple of salons here in MN who carry it and Mezzanine is one of them.  It is a higher price point than most, but worth every penny.  My favorite product from that line would hands down be the Essence Absolue, which is a nourishing protective oil. Great for all of our dried out MN hair!  Bumble and Bumble is super fun, easy to use and great smelling. My favorite products from them so far is the Tonic Spray, Thickening Spray, Grooming Cream and the Sumotech (for men)......still getting acquainted with everything, but its getting easier!
I made some serious strides this evening on the business side of things, thanks to my father-in-law Rick.  He had prepared some record keeping spread sheets for me to keep book on everything! Man talk about someone who thinks of everything.  It was laid out so well!   I didn't break a sweat,drop a tear or pull my hair out (thank god! Could be hard to explain that to clients)!
Now......time to relax and catch some Z's or count lambs, that's to be determined.

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  1. I used my Bumble and Bumble Grooming creme yesterday and I LOOK FABULOUS! :) Made my hair straighter as I dried and I needed the flat iron less. :) Also am LOVING the Beach Spray even though it's not summer. It's ALL workin' girl, it's ALL workin'!


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