Heat wave......bring it on!

With the weather heating up daily (dare I say this too soon....) I am looking forward to spring hair.  I think all of us Minnesotans can agree that winter is to long!  We start to feel like our hair is drab, lack luster and dry.  Our skin pasty, bodies over weight, and so tired of putting layer after layer of clothing on just to keep warm everyday.  With all of these crazy things our bodies endure every year, like clock work, I am thankful there is a place we can all go to feel better! THE SALON!  I am reminded daily how much I am loved as a stylist, all of that love given to me by my clients fills my heart with rainbows and sunshine!  So I guess you could say that it is warm and bright in my heart everyday. 
Spring and summer hair.......I cant wait!  Beachy sun kissed blondes to careless carmel brunettes, taking our serious solid shades and adding in natural looking dimension, like we used to get from playing in the summer sun as kids.  It will still be a little while, this is MN, unpredictable climate.  Remember last St. Patricks day???? It was in the 60's.......a girl can dream!


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  2. Love the comments. A career loved from the heart.

  3. Whenever I feel lousy or drab or crabby or WHATEVER, a trip to the salon ALWAYS mades me feel better. It's that we, as clients, get to pamper ourselves for just a bit. It lifts our hearts and spirits just as it does yours, Amy. Thanks for all you do!


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