Happy Spring Beauties!

As this crazy long snowy winter parts us, thank god, we need to get ourselves looking good to step back out into the world!  One of my dear clients Jill Dahler was in the other day to get her hair colored for her birthday and she made a great comment, "We all take such good care of our face, why don't people take care of what frames it?" I thought it was a great point and shouldn't go unspoken!
I know that everyone is ready for a spring clean up, (whether its a cut, color or foil) I will take care of you!  There are so many cute cuts and colors in style right now.  Wearing a more classic shape that holds a bit of thickness in it rather than the thin over textured cuts are whats right now.  Did you see Brooklyn Deckers new crop? So cute and a perfect example :) Come in and see me and we can find your perfect new cut and color to make you feel fabulous!
Happy Hair to you all!

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