Finally some sunshine!

Hello to all of my hair following friends! How magical was it to wake up to the beautiful sun shining this morning?! Hopefully no more freezing days......fingers and toes crossed!
I know many of you like to brighten up that color when welcoming warmer weather and the length often comes up a bit too :) just want to make you all aware that I will be here until the 18th of June tentatively and my days are filling up fast! If you want to see me before my precious little Zoƫ arrives call 612-333-9913 or book online at mezzaninesalon.com, I will be back from my maternity leave in September. If you need a referral to someone while I am off please let me know! I look forward to seeing you all in my chair before I take on a new chapter of my life.
Hugs to you all :)

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  1. Oh my goodness how the time flies! :) I hope you are feeling well and healthy my friend. I'll try to come in late May, early June sometime.


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